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Maximum Flow Algorithms


Detailed Description

This group contains the algorithms for finding maximum flows and feasible circulations [CLRS01], [AMO93].

The maximum flow problem is to find a flow of maximum value between a single source and a single target. Formally, there is a $G=(V,A)$ digraph, a $cap: A\rightarrow\mathbf{R}^+_0$ capacity function and $s, t \in V$ source and target nodes. A maximum flow is an $f: A\rightarrow\mathbf{R}^+_0$ solution of the following optimization problem.

\[ \max\sum_{sv\in A} f(sv) - \sum_{vs\in A} f(vs) \]

\[ \sum_{uv\in A} f(uv) = \sum_{vu\in A} f(vu) \quad \forall u\in V\setminus\{s,t\} \]

\[ 0 \leq f(uv) \leq cap(uv) \quad \forall uv\in A \]

Preflow is an efficient implementation of Goldberg-Tarjan's preflow push-relabel algorithm [GT88] for finding maximum flows. It also provides functions to query the minimum cut, which is the dual problem of maximum flow.

Circulation is a preflow push-relabel algorithm implemented directly for finding feasible circulations, which is a somewhat different problem, but it is strongly related to maximum flow. For more information, see Circulation.


class  Circulation< GR, LM, UM, SM, TR >
 Push-relabel algorithm for the network circulation problem. More...
class  Preflow< GR, CAP, TR >
 Preflow algorithm class. More...


file  circulation.h

Push-relabel algorithm for finding a feasible circulation.

file  preflow.h

Implementation of the preflow algorithm.

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