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    # HG changeset patch
    # User Balazs Dezso <>
    # Date 1223478173 -7200
    # Node ID 190aec58b29c572c9d6431adab75f9482ac95525
    # Parent  58d6f81bd3fde80de38d4f0d3bb0a05f36c4e828
    Changes in LGF related stuffs
    diff -r 58d6f81bd3fd -r 190aec58b29c doc/migration.dox
    a b  
    5757the words \c graph, \c digraph, \c edge and \c arc, so it replaces them
    5858in strings, comments etc. as well as in all identifiers.</b>
    60 \section migration-lgf LGF tools
     60\section migration-lgf LGF tools
     61 - The \ref lgf-format "LGF file format" changed, the
     62   <tt>\@nodeset</tt> is changed to <tt>\@nodes</tt>, the
     63   <tt>\@edgeset</tt> and <tt>\@uedgeset</tt> to <tt>\@arcs</tt> or
     64   <tt>\@edges</tt>, which are completely equivalents. The
     65   <tt>\@nodes</tt>, <tt>\@edges</tt> and <tt>\@uedges</tt> are
     66   removed from the format, the content of these sections should be
     67   moved into the <tt>\@attributes</tt> section. The data fields in
     68   the sections must follow a strict format, they must be character
     69   sequences without whitespaces or quoted strings.
     70 - The <tt>LemonReader</tt> and <tt>LemonWriter</tt> core interfaces
     71   are removed from the LEMON.
     72 - The section readers and writers are supported with different
     73   interface, they should be written as functors. Beside the old
     74   stream based section handling, currently line oriented section
     75   reading and writing are also supported. Unfortunately, in the
     76   section readers the lines should be counted manually. The sections
     77   should be read and write with the SectionWriter and SectionReader
     78   classes.
     79 - Instead of the item readers and writers item converters should be
     80   used. The converters are functors, which map the type to
     81   std::string or std::string to the type. The converters for standard
     82   containers are not implemented yet in the new LEMON. The converters
     83   can return strings in any format, because if it necessary, the LGF
     84   writer and reader will quote and unquote the given value.
     85 - The DigraphReader and DigraphWriter are usable similarly as in the
     86   0.x series, however the <tt>read</tt> or <tt>write</tt> prefix of
     87   the member functions are removed.
     88 - The new LEMON supports the function like interface, the \c
     89   digraphReader and \c digraphWriter functions are more convenient than
     90   using the classes directly.
    6292\section migration-search BFS, DFS and Dijkstra
    6393- <b>Using the function interface of BFS, DFS and %Dijkstra both source and