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    # HG changeset patch
    # User Alpar Juttner <>
    # Date 1223472061 -3600
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    Further extension of the migration guide
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    5656<a class="el" href="modules.html">Modules</a>
     59If you are a user of the old (0.x) series of LEMON, please check out the \ref migration "Migration Guide" for the backward incompatibilities.
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    7878\section migration-error Exceptions and Debug tools
     80<b>The class hierarchy of exceptions has largely been simplified. Now,
     81only the i/o related tools may throw exceptions. All other exceptions
     82have been replaced with either the \c LEMON_ASSERT or the \c LEMON_DEBUG
     85<b>On the other hand, the parameter order of constructors of the
     86exceptions has been changed. See \ref IoError and \ref FormatError for
     87more details.</b>
    8089\section migration-other Others
    8190- <b>The contents of <tt>graph_utils.h</tt> are moved to <tt>core.h</tt>
    8291  and <tt>maps.h</tt>. <tt>core.h</tt> is included by all graph types,
    8392  therefore it usually do not have to be included directly.</b>
    8493- <b><tt>path_utils.h</tt> is merged to \c path.h.</b>
     94- <b>The semantic of the assignment operations and copy constructors of maps
     95  are still under discussion. So, you must copy them by hand (i.e. copy
     96  each entry one-by-one)</b>
    8597- <b>The parameters of the graph copying tools (i.e. \c GraphCopy,
    8698  \c DigraphCopy) have to be given in the from-to order.</b>
    8799- \c copyDigraph() and \c copyGraph() are renamed to \c digraphCopy()
    88100  and \c graphCopy(), respectively.
    89 - The of
    90  - DefXyzMap --> SetXyzMap
    91  - DefHeap --> SetHeap
    92  - DefStandardHeap --> SetStandardHeap
    93  - DefOperationTraits --> SetOperationTraits
    94  - DefProcessedMapToBeDefaultMap --> SetStandardProcessedMap
     101- <b>The interface of \ref DynArcLookUp has changed. It is now the same as
     102  of \ref ArcLookUp and \ref AllArcLookUp</b>
    95103- Some map types should also been renamed. Namely,
    96104  - \c IntegerMap -> \c RangeMap
    97105  - \c StdMap -> \c SparseMap