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1assign.mod     Assignment problem
2bpp.mod        Bin packing problem
3cal.mod        Print an ASCII calendar of the given year
4cf12a.mod      Curve fitting problem
5cf12b.mod      Curve fitting problem
6cflsq.mod      Curve fitting problem by least squares
7color.mod      Graph coloring problem
8cpp.mod        Critical path problem
9crypto.mod     A crypto-arithmetic puzzle
10dea.mod        Data envelopment analysis (DEA)
11diet.mod       Stigler's nutrition model
12dist.mod       A product distribution model
13egypt.mod      A static model for fertilizer production
14fctp.mod       Fixed-charge transportation problem
15food.mod       Food manufacture model
16food2.mod      Food manufacture model
17gap.mod        Generalized assignment problem
18graph.mod      Graph visualization
19hashi.mod      A solver for the Japanese number-puzzle Hashiwokakero
20huge.mod       Arithmetic mean of a large number of integers
21jssp.mod       Job-shop scheduling problem
22magic.mod      Magic square
23maxcut.mod     Maximum cut problem
24maxflow.mod    Maximum flow problem
25mfasp.mod      Minimum feedback arc set problem
26mfvsp.mod      Minimum feedback vertex set problem
27min01ks.mod    Finding minimal equivalent 0-1 knapsack inequality
28misp.mod       Maximum independent set problem
29money.mod      A crypto-arithmetic puzzle
30mvcp.mod       Minimum vertex cover problem
31numbrix.mod    Number placement puzzle
32pbn.mod        Paint-by-numbers puzzle
33plan.mod       A simple LP problem
34prod.mod       A multiperiod production model
35qfit.mod       Quadratic curve fitting solution
36queens.mod     A classic combinatorial optimization problem
37sat.mod        Satisfiability problem
38shiftcover.mod Workforce shift coverage assignment problem
39shikaku.mod    A solver for the logic puzzle Shikaku
40sorting.mod    How to sort arrays in MathProg
41spp.mod        Shortest path problem
42stigler.mod    Original Stigler's 1939 diet problem
43sudoku.mod     Number placement puzzle
44tas.mod        Tail assignment problem
45todd.mod       A class of hard instances of 0-1 knapsack problems
46train.mod      A model of railroad passenger car allocation
47transp.mod     A transportation problem
48trick.mod      A transportation design problem
49tsp.mod        Traveling salesman problem
50xyacfs.mod     Extended yet another curve fitting solution
51yacfs.mod      Yet another curve fitting solution
52zebra.mod      Who owns the zebra?
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