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1This directory contains batch files and other stuff which you can use
2to build GLPK for 64-bit Windows with the native C/C++ compilers.
4Before running the batch file do the following:
61. Make sure that you have installed the compiler you are going to use
7   to build GLPK.
92. Look into corresponding batch file (just right-click it and choose
10   'Edit' in the popup menu; DO NOT choose 'Open'). Make sure that HOME
11   variable specifies correct path to the compiler directory; if not,
12   make necessary changes.
14To run the batch file just double-click it and wait a bit while the
15Make utility does its job. The message 'OPTIMAL SOLUTION FOUND' in the
16MS-DOS window means that all is OK. If you do not see it, something is
19Once GLPK has been successfully built, there must appear two files in
20this directory:
22glpk.lib, which is the GLPK object library, and
24glpsol.exe, which is the stand-alone GLPK LP/MIP solver.
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