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[995]2\mainpage LEMON Documentation
[666]4\section intro Introduction
[921]6\subsection whatis What is LEMON
[921]8LEMON stands for
[926]9<b>L</b>ibrary of <b>E</b>fficient <b>M</b>odels
10and <b>O</b>ptimization in <b>N</b>etworks.
[670]11It is a C++ template
12library aimed at combinatorial optimization tasks which
[1169]13often involve working
[991]14with graphs.
[995]17LEMON is an <a class="el" href="">open&nbsp;source</a>
[1003]19You are free to use it in your commercial or
20non-commercial applications under very permissive
[991]21\ref license "license terms".
[1169]24\subsection howtoread How to read the documentation
[1169]26If you want to get a quick start and see the most important features then
27take a look at our \ref quicktour
28"Quick Tour to LEMON" which will guide you along.
[1169]30If you
31want to see how LEMON works, see
32some \ref demoprograms demo programs!
34If you are looking for a specific thing then try to find it in the index or
35in the contents.
36If you know what you are looking for then try to find it in the index or
37in the table of contents.
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