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(edit) @204:8fec6a6472fe   11 years hegyi The much faster way. fastopen tip
(edit) @203:976b7d9ee45b   11 years hegyi Adding branch that opens lgf-s in a much faster way. fastopen
(edit) @202:09f6dfdbb3b4   10 years ladanyi Added missing include.
(edit) @201:879e47e5b731   11 years ladanyi Merge branches/akos to trunk.
(edit) @200:c7ae8642a8d8   11 years ladanyi Bugfix.
(edit) @199:128195bbab73   11 years hegyi Bugfix
(edit) @198:d6cc0579b94b   11 years hegyi Shape feature of EPS can be used.
(edit) @197:c1084e2bff10   11 years hegyi Sorry, forgot tu initialize variable.
(edit) @196:c220f9de6545   11 years hegyi EpsWin? and DesignWin? does not need to know NoteBookTab?.
(edit) @195:125c56c1efda   11 years hegyi Mapstorage does not need to know NoteBookTab? furthermore.
(edit) @194:6b2b718420eb   11 years hegyi Header reorganising
(edit) @193:2a9a5d7f1a16   11 years hegyi Forgot to update
(edit) @192:9d7489e8921e   11 years hegyi Forgot the meat.
(edit) @191:af2ed974ab68   11 years hegyi GUI can now export graph to EPS.
(edit) @190:2cac5b936a2b   11 years hegyi Working tooltips are added. No segmentation fault is occured if empty …
(edit) @189:8b69c54d5bf0   11 years hegyi No segmentation fault will be occured if two nodes are exactly overlap …
(edit) @188:c1c9fcf03e94   12 years alpar Syncronize glemon repo with the latest version of lemon. (lemon::Path …
(edit) @187:b465e2c34f23   12 years hegyi Zoom is now available with mouse-wheel.
(edit) @186:013afe9ee040   12 years ladanyi Removed this extra widget thing, because it is now developed in my private …
(edit) @185:38dc9e5936c4   12 years ladanyi Set svn:ignore property.
(edit) @184:4e8704aae278   12 years ladanyi Added support for setting the background form an image file.
(edit) @183:48580778851e   12 years ladanyi Add missing export.
(edit) @182:5cdee8207025   12 years ladanyi Handle the case when glemon_version_tag is empty.
(edit) @181:2a9f611989df   12 years ladanyi Version magic.
(edit) @180:911c6ba0e3c8   12 years alpar Bugfix + polishing
(edit) @179:1f436ea3ef4f   12 years hegyi Color handling of maps is a bit better now.
(edit) @178:a96d2a540454   12 years hegyi If visualization is not autoscaled, edges with widths associated with …
(edit) @177:40f3006fba2e   12 years hegyi Redesign parameters can now be saved and loaded.
(edit) @176:9fc3d5170b24   12 years hegyi Showed map is loaded even if ArrowPos? not.
(edit) @175:1e0a66d6b45a   12 years alpar Add autopackage specfile (not yet working).
(edit) @174:95872af46fc4   12 years alpar Add copyright headers
(edit) @173:8339178ae43d   12 years ladanyi Added two new classes.
(edit) @172:fc1e478697d3   12 years hegyi Currently visualized map can be saved and loaded from file.
(edit) @171:ffab98e94909   12 years ladanyi Fix --with-lemon-prefix.
(edit) @170:bff6d1c63cff   12 years alpar Fix the compilation environment: - svn-head -> svnhead - put -lemon to the …
(edit) @169:c223ffdbdb5c   12 years alpar Update for the new Path interface
(edit) @168:a5f82cbbc1e4   12 years alpar Fix usage of Random. (Random's doc should possibly be improved.)
(edit) @167:30a7be486475   12 years hegyi Used randomizator is changed to the one included in Lemon
(edit) @166:302d75b08b27   12 years hegyi Graph redesign starts with an initial kick of the first node.
(edit) @165:2cd447b0bd3a   12 years hegyi Suurballe algorithm is implemented in glemon.
(edit) @164:70e3c3646283   12 years alpar - Add missing repository files (AUTHORS COPYING NEWS README). They need to …
(edit) @163:443bc769b344   12 years hegyi Dijkstra in GUI - and the body…
(edit) @162:aaa517c9dc23   12 years hegyi Dijkstra in GUI.
(edit) @161:aef1fbfd9d60   12 years hegyi Forget to commit the body, sorry\!
(edit) @160:14a76109b561   12 years hegyi Node antigravity and edge elasticity based graph layout redesigner.
(edit) @159:7ea73c90a7f0   12 years ladanyi Configure option to set lemon prefix.
(edit) @158:aa50a64b3a6e   12 years hegyi Two redundant lines were removed.
(edit) @157:7e6ad28aeb9e   12 years hegyi View settings also for edges.
(edit) @156:c5cdf6690cdf   12 years hegyi Zoom tracking of nodes is implemented and is switchable.
(edit) @155:74065e83844d   12 years hegyi Small modification in node view settings.
(edit) @154:65c1b103443d   12 years hegyi Node view
(edit) @153:d79a71382836   12 years ladanyi Bugfixes.
(edit) @152:d99e115d0d26   12 years ladanyi Bugfix.
(edit) @151:72f1c33f89d4   12 years ladanyi LoopEdge? improvements.
(edit) @150:86273bfe0e4d   12 years hegyi According to xy->Point changement.
(edit) @149:930e838ad5b6   12 years hegyi Node and edge editor button are the same furthermore.
(edit) @148:5adf29662354   12 years hegyi When moving nodes with midbutton little red arrows keep their position.
(edit) @147:10ef59f6633c   12 years ladanyi Loop edges.
(edit) @146:afd1d8bfcccd   12 years hegyi Size of MapWin? cannot be changed.
(edit) @145:5baba2a107a1   12 years alpar Bugfix (graphs are not copy constructible)
(edit) @144:887cd09ea943   12 years ladanyi Handle 'svn-head' as lemon version.
(edit) @143:d3c775ea2d0c   12 years ladanyi Small fix.
(edit) @142:90d0348e14cb   12 years ladanyi Copied license file from lemon/trunk.
(edit) @141:548688a830c3   12 years ladanyi Set svn:ignore property.
(edit) @140:d300e3153ab1   12 years ladanyi Create a new tab when open is selected and there are no tabs. Fixes bug …
(edit) @139:56dd34430f07   12 years ladanyi Autotools for glemon.
(edit) @138:72755e49de4f   12 years ladanyi Moved the po directory to glemon/trunk.
(edit) @137:776d0e98fed0   12 years ladanyi Moved the gui to glemon/trunk.
(edit) @136:924607a2d4a1   12 years ladanyi added scrollbars to the canvas gui
(edit) @135:84996003b01c   12 years ladanyi filter loop edges gui
(edit) @134:82e19031c319   12 years ladanyi id->label gui
(edit) @133:b289ba51506f   12 years ladanyi some reorganization gui
(edit) @132:de8bef01b9ec   12 years ladanyi revert to single configure scheme gui
(edit) @131:4f57efd63181   12 years ladanyi ignore generated files gui
(edit) @130:3533c2d9a865   12 years ladanyi - added gettext infrastructure to the gui - the gui has a separate … gui
(edit) @129:2f1a7365839c   13 years ladanyi Fix crash when an arrow is clicked with the delete tool. gui
(edit) @128:3a4b6b31afb3   13 years alpar Towards icc-8.0 compatibility… gui
(edit) @127:656ac25e009b   13 years alpar Fix icc compilation failures. gui
(edit) @126:e682395d45f7   13 years deba Lemon Graph Format uses label instead of id named map. gui
(edit) @125:e8bf8bbcf75a   13 years hegyi Documentation of classes realizing algorithm running. gui
(edit) @124:b8d778d4d100   13 years alpar Changes in doc gui
(edit) @123:a3781bff1032   13 years hegyi Documenatation of MapWin?. gui
(edit) @122:96bfa82264c3   13 years hegyi Documentation of MapSelector?. If no default value is present in … gui
(edit) @121:637c12cbd64c   13 years hegyi Documentation of NoteBookTab?. Redundant function parameters are removed … gui
(edit) @120:9166130d8d56   13 years hegyi Documentation of NewMapWin?. gui
(edit) @119:24ff0448d854   13 years hegyi Documentation of MainWin?. gui
(edit) @118:cfd49e5c8723   13 years hegyi If default value of a new map is constant, the newly created elements will … gui
(edit) @117:004b239908e6   13 years hegyi The tree that is created for evaluation of expression string at new map … gui
(edit) @116:2bd795bb9984   13 years hegyi Creation of algorithm dialog is even simpler by the usage of the newly … gui
(edit) @115:9e5196647a5a   13 years hegyi Forgotten file committed. gui
(edit) @114:0ace7edbb06f   13 years hegyi In algorithm window maps can be selected and reated through MapSelector?gui
(edit) @113:7c2e71835de7   13 years ladanyi Set arrow coordinates when creating a new edge. gui
(edit) @112:3689cb170d3e   13 years hegyi MapSelector? has become a standalone class. gui
(edit) @111:ab3107255754   13 years hegyi Result of KruskalGUIAlgo is refreshed if displayed, but no more setin a … gui
(edit) @110:99935b512b1c   13 years alpar Reformatting: too long code lines. gui
(edit) @109:9f8dc346ac6e   13 years hegyi Kruskal algorithm can be run from GUI from now on. gui
(edit) @108:bf355fd6563e   13 years hegyi Several changes. \n If new map is added to mapstorage it emits signal with … gui
(edit) @107:b1be10a9a2b6   13 years ladanyi Set the move tool active by default. gui
(edit) @106:853dd852abc7   13 years hegyi Communication with algorithm window is developed. gui
(edit) @105:9e78d14fd0ba   13 years alpar Happy new year to LEMON gui
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