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(edit) @60:202688f8024a   6 years alpar Fix a type in Secion LP. Thanks for Jacint tip
(edit) @59:5d9170b19285   8 years alpar Support of the PDF version
(edit) @58:10b6a5b7d4c0   8 years kpeter Improve Algorithms section (it is still under construction)
(edit) @57:18404ec968ca   8 years kpeter Various small fixes
(edit) @56:11bd4cea8379   8 years kpeter Slightly extend LGF section
(edit) @55:edb7d5759e0d   8 years kpeter Greatly extend LP section
(edit) @54:e99a7fb6bff5   8 years kpeter Port and rework LP demo files from SVN -r3524
(edit) @53:0f695eac7e07   8 years kpeter Show demo files in the menu
(edit) @52:ae47b3ec42d3   8 years kpeter Fix
(edit) @51:e335f323a929   8 years kpeter Replace glemon.png
(edit) @50:72867897fcba   8 years kpeter Minor improvements
(edit) @49:c8c5a2a4ec71   8 years kpeter Port the remaining 0.x tutorial contents from SVN -r 3524
(edit) @48:a5457a780c34   8 years kpeter Clarify and extend the LP section
(edit) @47:c09d90659170   8 years kpeter Write a subsection about Kruskal algorithm
(edit) @46:58557724a139   8 years kpeter Add new sekeleton pages and complete the TOC
(edit) @45:725c60c7492d   8 years kpeter Minor improvements
(edit) @44:a9f8282eb6b7   8 years kpeter Rework the LGF section
(edit) @43:7b789434b1af   8 years kpeter Add images for gLemon and graphToEps
(edit) @42:6df2bf124af4   8 years kpeter Imporve the titlegen script to correctly handle section numbers that are …
(edit) @41:73fdafd843d9   8 years kpeter Add two more images for adaptors
(edit) @40:e1725bb7e821   8 years kpeter Port two images for SplitNodes? from SVN -r3524
(edit) @39:31a1a79019bb   8 years kpeter Fully rework and extend the adaptors section
(edit) @38:236e7061b70d   8 years kpeter Extend the graphs section
(edit) @37:c8be1109221b   8 years kpeter Improve and extend basics page
(edit) @36:199a65b64d90   8 years kpeter Simplify with 'using namespace' commands
(edit) @35:f7a4e8024952   8 years ladanyi Put all version numbers in for easier changing
(edit) @34:eda742a0b1b4   9 years alpar Use lemon doc version 1.1.1 (plus remove a redundant reference to it)
(edit) @33:598cd0b266d3   9 years alpar Add missing [TRAILER] to lgf.dox
(edit) @32:ef12f83752f6   9 years kpeter Happy New Year + unify files
(edit) @31:02083323ff2c   9 years kpeter Add preliminary pages about LGF and tools
(edit) @30:7d70e9735686   9 years kpeter Add a preliminary page about the LP interface
(edit) @29:bc3ef6652f1b   9 years kpeter Add a preliminary page of graph adaptors
(edit) @28:42b0128ae0a7   9 years kpeter Add a page about undirected graphs and special graph types
(edit) @27:b453a59230c8   9 years kpeter Rework and extend the section of basic concepts
(edit) @26:a40eafb6066d   9 years kpeter Distinguish section names from the doc groups
(edit) @25:66d164ef72d1   9 years kpeter Improve intro and getting started pages
(edit) @24:2965b19071f7   9 years kpeter Change the explanation of the acronym LEMON (#289)
(edit) @23:3e28dbeed635   9 years deba Fix compilation order (#273)
(edit) @22:96d9cc65c8db   9 years kpeter Minor fix in the LICENSE file
(edit) @21:e4bd4ee05e3f   9 years alpar Basic graph operation + intro to the default maps
(edit) @20:3ffc47b666b1   10 years kpeter Happy New Year
(edit) @19:9196fcd0d4d6   10 years kpeter Remove installation guide + link to the web page instead
(edit) @18:a291609dad52   10 years kpeter Fix compilation instructions for user-local installation
(edit) @17:0b3b26cd1cea   10 years alpar Better build system - configure script added - demo/*.cc are now …
(edit) @16:ed4c8506e151   10 years kpeter Simplify the first example code + fix toc
(edit) @15:7cc2418766c3   10 years alpar No dots after the section numbers
(edit) @14:35279d53a015   10 years alpar Better navigation trailer
(edit) @13:98a495a50e49   10 years alpar Make edible by older pythons
(edit) @12:d64ffbd7d8c6   10 years alpar Merge
(edit) @11:0a51fe554d01   10 years kpeter Small improvements
(edit) @10:55e2f7712e87   10 years alpar TOC and section numbering are generated from toc.txt
(edit) @9:a48bf0d3a790   10 years kpeter Extend installation guide + reorganize the toc
(edit) @8:4b3d55acc9d7   10 years alpar Use fix library version for the external tags instead of the latest …
(edit) @7:934258c64b6b   10 years alpar Rework installation part and move it to the appendix
(edit) @6:da96f28684f7   10 years kpeter Extend and improve the first two chapters
(edit) @5:29baa4a189bf   10 years kpeter Port demo/ from SVN -r3501
(edit) @4:89f6fff82e93   10 years kpeter More simple mainpage + using layout file
(edit) @3:0cf8882c7e7c   10 years kpeter Add Intro and Getting Started pages
(edit) @2:9388ccf86294   10 years kpeter Create table of contents (a preliminary version)
(edit) @1:264baaa990e1   10 years alpar Fix .hgignore (ignore gen-images folder properly)
(add) @0:b98bb7ed37e9   10 years alpar Basic build environment added
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