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(edit) @1346:f95b18d99843   3 years alpar Merge CMP0026 setting
(edit) @1344:ca4e4a5e9b6e   3 years alpar CMP0026 cmake policy setting (needed by cmake 3.2+ on WIN32)
(edit) @1343:20f95cd51aba   3 years alpar Merge bugfix #595
(edit) @1340:f70f688d9ef9   3 years alpar Replace #define WIN32 (#595)
(edit) @1337:4add05447ca0   3 years alpar Tests and bugfixes for the STL style iterators (#325)
(edit) @1336:0759d974de81   4 years ggab90 STL style iterators (#325) For * graph types, * graph adaptors, * …
(edit) @1335:39b6e65574c6   3 years alpar Merge
(edit) @1334:ee96cd1cad8a   5 years alpar Turn on LEMON_ENABLE_DEBUG in Debug modes (#477)
(edit) @1327:18c89646185e   3 years alpar Suppress MSVC warning C4267 (#519) C4267: conversion from 'size_t' to …
(edit) @1326:f05270f176d9   3 years alpar Add /bigobj compiler flag when MSVC is used (#520)
(edit) @1322:1552352f9798   4 years alpar Restore cmake-2.8 compatibility (#502) Fix cmake-2.8 incompatibility …
(edit) @1313:fe4ff72e2f14   4 years alpar CMAKE backward compatibility policy setting
(edit) @1310:fc35e3ff4bea   4 years alpar CLANG compatible linker setting (#480)
(edit) @1305:e937009e4c5f   4 years alpar Require CMAKE 2.8 (#484)
(edit) @1300:62dba6c90f35   5 years alpar Fix default LP/MIP setting (#479)
(edit) @1264:4000b7ef4e01   5 years alpar Add cmake config to find SoPlex? (#460) Based on the patch sent by ax487
(edit) @1234:b208de044477   5 years alpar Fix #define indicating CPLEX availability (#446)
(edit) @1232:fc3854d936f7   5 years alpar Enable/disable options for LP/MIP backends (#465)
(edit) @1230:caf16813b1e8   6 years alpar Better CPLEX discovery (#446)
(edit) @1185:b4f4c08e1210   5 years alpar Better Maintainer build type settings (for MSVC)
(edit) @1162:404b98971e1f   6 years alpar Merge #449
(edit) @1161:08712a8c3afe   6 years alpar Merge #449 to branch 1.2 1.2
(edit) @1159:7fdaa05a69a1   6 years alpar Merge #449 to branches >=1.2
(edit) @1135:fc1aa7c01c55   6 years alpar Add dist target to CMAKE conf. (#434)
(edit) @1134:0b9a94956916   6 years alpar Use hg templating instead of scripts/ (#434)
(edit) @1132:48e17328c155   6 years alpar LEMON_THREADING cmake variable for choosing threading lib (#223)
(edit) @1131:43a91b33f374   6 years deba Thread safe map construction and destruction (#223) It currently support …
(edit) @1128:426a704d7483   6 years alpar Merge Intel C++ compatibility fixes
(edit) @1127:be7dd3a8d6a3   6 years alpar Merge Intel C++ compatibility fixes to branch 1.2 1.2
(edit) @1125:b873350e6258   6 years alpar Intel C++ compatibility fixes
(edit) @1111:c8fce9beb46a   7 years alpar Merge head merging
(edit) @1110:02c93d1f00d7   7 years alpar Merge head merging to branch 1.2 1.2
(edit) @1107:2b6bffe0e7e8   7 years alpar Merge
(edit) @1056:6660ac776acf   7 years alpar Merge #418
(edit) @1055:60f4aaedb20f   7 years alpar Merge #418 to branch 1.2 1.2
(edit) @1053:64260c0f58eb   7 years alpar Better Win CodeBlock?/MinGW support (#418) - Remove -ansi compilation flag …
(edit) @1040:8e39ccaabf48   7 years alpar Merge #404
(edit) @1035:d149eaf24638   7 years alpar Merge CMAKE backports to branch 1.2 1.2
(edit) @1033:16d466589b54   8 years alpar Backport the CMAKE related changesets from the main branch [e20fecd1945f]
(edit) @1031:06491fd08efd   8 years alpar Add contrib dir (#401)
(edit) @1016:09282720100b   8 years alpar update-external-tags CMAKE target (#395)
(edit) @997:a725503acfe9   8 years alpar Allow CPACK configuration on all platforms
(edit) @996:63e4468c680e   8 years alpar Add 'Maintainer' CMAKE build type (#388, #390) - some extra warning and …
(edit) @995:659ba4805a48   8 years alpar Make CMAKE config more consistent with (#390) - …
(edit) @994:7d166b8b8018   8 years alpar Safer call of ./scripts/ on Windows (#389) Still hard to get it …
(edit) @993:e74b5db4f2c6   8 years ladanyi Put the output of in the version string (#389)
(edit) @992:e20fecd1945f   8 years ladanyi Add check target for CMake (#388)
(edit) @791:f8c468367dab   9 years alpar Integrate into the build environments (#184)
(edit) @727:257e91516e09   9 years ladanyi Set the version to 'hg-tip' if everything fails
(edit) @726:9c7639f3a741   9 years ladanyi Minor CMake improvements * Use the empty ELSE(), ENDIF(), ENDMACRO(), …
(edit) @725:d1e1cd94bf49   9 years ladanyi Put the version string into config.h Also make it possible to set the …
(edit) @724:a0265f621d39   9 years ladanyi Fix the check for the 'long long' type
(edit) @722:c5dc4d3124aa   9 years ladanyi Generate and install LEMONConfig.cmake
(edit) @718:da70af8844b9   9 years ladanyi Suppress MSVC warnings using pragmas (#295)
(edit) @715:7e13120d90a2   9 years kpeter Disable Visual Studio warning C4503
(edit) @705:ebdcc68fe79e   9 years kpeter Change the explanation of the acronym LEMON (#289)
(edit) @678:d21b38647e53   9 years ladanyi Remove superfluous HAVE_CONFIG_H (#278)
(edit) @674:20dac2104519   9 years ladanyi Merge and extend the fix of #275
(edit) @668:b536eaacb39b   9 years ladanyi FindCOIN for CMake (#256)
(edit) @667:c3ce597c11ae   9 years ladanyi FindCPLEX for CMake (#256)
(edit) @666:ec817dfc2cb7   9 years ladanyi FindGLPK improvements (#256)
(edit) @599:56a86a363c12   9 years ladanyi CMake subproject support fixes (#240)
(edit) @596:ba659d676331   9 years ladanyi Make it possible to use LEMON as a CMake subproject (#240)
(edit) @574:c458e02723b1   9 years alpar CMAKE builds the tools/ dir, too (#228)
(edit) @565:8668e1b5dafb   9 years alpar Merge
(edit) @564:2b6d5d22bb23   9 years alpar Merge
(edit) @555:861a9d5ff283   9 years alpar Merge (manually add cmake/FindGLPK.cmake to
(edit) @554:e6ae4999cf22   9 years alpar Suppress or fix VS2008 warnings + turn off faulty tests using CMAKE (#208)
(edit) @541:4b558ee0d4f5   9 years alpar Merge bugfixes #274 and #275 1.0
(edit) @540:8a144437db7d   9 years ladanyi Prefix macro names with LEMON_ in lemon/config.h (#275)
(edit) @539:d8ca76573eb3   9 years ladanyi Install lemon/config.h (#274)
(edit) @521:51c1d11cbde9   9 years alpar Merge 1.0
(edit) @520:97070bd10b98   9 years alpar CMAKE config improvements - install docs in share/doc/ - look for newer …
(edit) @519:d3524090d5e2   9 years alpar Merge bugfixes #211, #212, #215, #229 and #230 1.0
(edit) @515:7992dcb0d0e6   9 years alpar Add long long checking to build systems (#230)
(edit) @504:29cbdb01d5f0   9 years alpar Merge build system updates 1.0
(edit) @503:64c2641286df   9 years alpar Set the proper version for CMAKE in the tarballs (made by autotools).
(edit) @502:e58c511a5eba   9 years ladanyi Enable the component-based installer
(edit) @500:2b6a20528f35   9 years alpar Backport [e6ae4999cf22] from main (Suppress or fix VS2008 warnings) (#208) 1.0
(edit) @496:17d918051964   9 years ladanyi Build GLPK dependent parts with CMake too
(edit) @274:2a33883915bb   10 years ladanyi Use only a single (cached) variable to hold the version number.
(edit) @236:da953e387d31   10 years ladanyi Unify the spelling of LEMON (#103).
(edit) @225:c5a40fc54f1a   10 years alpar CMake improvements. - documentation generation with Doxygen - …
(add) @141:96f81c791f0c   10 years ladanyi CMake based build system
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