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(edit) @840:7c0ad6bd6a63   9 years ladanyi Optionally use valgrind when running tests + other build system fixes
(edit) @799:71f9c1f0d808   9 years ladanyi Distribute (#322)
(edit) @676:70a356a461a5   9 years deba Fix EXTRA_DIST (#276)
(edit) @614:3314f58e7b25   9 years deba Add CBC support (#204)
(edit) @611:eda12d8ac953   9 years ladanyi Add 'demo' make target for building the demo programs
(edit) @555:861a9d5ff283   9 years alpar Merge (manually add cmake/FindGLPK.cmake to
(edit) @503:64c2641286df   9 years alpar Set the proper version for CMAKE in the tarballs (made by autotools).
(edit) @375:a637fb9d457b   10 years ladanyi Revert to the canonical way of customizing CXXFLAGS A default list of …
(edit) @321:a412d990f043   10 years alpar Merge
(edit) @320:34e185734b42   10 years alpar AUTHORS file added
(edit) @310:a9e8f310507f   10 years alpar Repository reorganization - moved to tools/ and it …
(edit) @227:33f8d69e642a   10 years ladanyi Include CMake related files in the tarball.
(edit) @146:4b42aa24ce12   10 years ladanyi Makefile cleanup (see ticket #87)
(edit) @70:e2c2763b7aec   10 years ladanyi Fix VPATH builds. Ported form svn trunk -r 3454.
(edit) @5:233b4094ceae   11 years alpar General information and legal files ported from svn -r3424
(add) @1:51eaad3a817b   11 years ladanyi Autotools based build system.
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