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(edit) @1386:ad22262328b3   4 months kpeter Add missing break statement to dimacs-solver (#609)
(edit) @1308:89e1877e335f   4 years alpar Clang compatibility fix in (#480)
(edit) @1271:fb1c7da561ce   5 years alpar Remove long lines (from all but one file)
(edit) @1270:dceba191c00d   5 years alpar Apply to the source tree
(edit) @1173:d216e1c8b3fa   6 years alpar Merge #453 to branches >=1.2
(edit) @1170:764826c6e2b4   6 years alpar Merge bugfix #440
(edit) @1169:774349a16ba0   6 years alpar Merge bugfix #440 to branch 1.2 1.2
(edit) @1168:b78a46fe8002   6 years alpar Merge bugfix #440 to branch 1.1 1.1
(edit) @1167:c5990f454032   6 years kpeter Fix a bug + remove redundant typedefs in dimacs-solver (#440)
(edit) @1133:cdd2c7dad989   6 years alpar Remove autotool related files (#434)
(edit) @1081:f1398882a928   7 years alpar Unify sources 1.1 r1.1.4
(edit) @956:141f9c0db4a3   8 years alpar Unify the sources (#339)
(edit) @919:9d380bf27194   8 years kpeter Use 'long long' flow cost in (#347)
(edit) @738:9e54e3b27db0   9 years kpeter Bug fix + extension in the rename script (#305)
(edit) @726:9c7639f3a741   9 years ladanyi Minor CMake improvements * Use the empty ELSE(), ENDIF(), ENDMACRO(), …
(edit) @721:0cd6d84103a4   9 years ladanyi Add tools/CMakeLists.txt to the tarball
(edit) @701:a312f84d86c6   9 years kpeter Doc fixes for lgf-gen (#282)
(edit) @691:8d289c89d43e   9 years alpar Merge
(edit) @687:6c408d864fa1   9 years kpeter Support negative costs and bounds in NetworkSimplex? (#270) * The …
(edit) @674:20dac2104519   9 years ladanyi Merge and extend the fix of #275
(edit) @670:7c1324b35d89   9 years kpeter Modify the interface of Suurballe (#266, #181) - Move the parameters s …
(edit) @663:f2d6d3446adf   9 years kpeter VS compatibility fix (#268)
(edit) @661:19b6f20e0ea2   9 years kpeter Support LEQ and GEQ supply constraints in dimacs-solver (#234, #219)
(edit) @659:0c8e5c688440   9 years alpar Fix usage of sqrt() (#268)
(edit) @658:85cb3aa71cce   9 years alpar Merge and fix
(edit) @652:5232721b3f14   9 years kpeter Rework the interface of NetworkSimplex? (#234) The parameters of the …
(edit) @649:a79ef774fae1   9 years kpeter Support min cost flow in dimacs-solver (#234)
(edit) @641:d657c71db7db   9 years kpeter Rename max_matching.h to matching.h (#265)
(edit) @631:33c6b6e755cd   9 years kpeter Small doc improvements (#263)
(edit) @621:003367ffe66e   9 years kpeter Add RangeIdMap?, CrossRefMap? to the rename script (#160)
(edit) @617:ab6da8cf5ab2   9 years ladanyi Fix compilation with MSVC (#259)
(edit) @616:24682336c38e   9 years ladanyi Fix compilation with MSVC (#258)
(edit) @608:6e0525ec5355   9 years alpar Accept negative values as unbounded capacity in dimacs readers (#243) and …
(edit) @602:b779c4dc7496   9 years kpeter Fix and extend the migration script (#245)
(edit) @596:ba659d676331   9 years ladanyi Make it possible to use LEMON as a CMake subproject (#240)
(edit) @579:997a75bac45a   9 years kpeter Small improvements in DIMACS solver (#226)
(edit) @574:c458e02723b1   9 years alpar CMAKE builds the tools/ dir, too (#228)
(edit) @573:28b154307c0d   9 years alpar DIMACS solver utility (#226)
(edit) @571:06e0fb20a97c   9 years alpar Option for lgf-gen to draw the edges only
(edit) @570:d9e43511d11c   9 years alpar Port lgf-gen from SVN -r3512 (#45) - apply the migrate script - apply …
(edit) @489:4f1431aeef42   10 years kpeter Rename graph adaptors with the migration script (#67)
(edit) @463:88ed40ad0d4f   10 years alpar Happy New Year again - update the copyright headers + run the source …
(edit) @402:24a2c6ee6cb0   10 years alpar Refactoring of DIMACS tools
(edit) @401:9d1faab5e0f1   10 years alpar Give different names to the different DIMACS readers
(edit) @400:50d96f2166d7   10 years alpar Port DIMACS tools from svn -r3516 Namely, - apply migrate script - …
(edit) @378:efbd0ab50a77   10 years alpar Merge
(edit) @377:a12eef1f82b2   10 years kpeter Rework hypercube graph implementation to be undirected (#57)
(edit) @371:0eec1736ff1d   10 years kpeter Rename readNauty() to readNautyGraph() (#55)
(edit) @356:236b1902e5cc   10 years kpeter More improvement in the migration script - Rename (U)GRAPH_TYPEDEFS. - …
(edit) @355:956a29f30887   10 years kpeter Improve the migration script and guide (#166) - Safer replacement of …
(edit) @335:94b832d461f7   10 years kpeter Improve the 0.x->1.x converter script (ticket #157) - Support updating …
(edit) @310:a9e8f310507f   10 years alpar Repository reorganization - moved to tools/ and it …
(edit) @146:4b42aa24ce12   10 years ladanyi Makefile cleanup (see ticket #87)
(edit) @145:95d905b6e33d   10 years alpar Merge
(edit) @141:96f81c791f0c   10 years ladanyi CMake based build system
(add) @1:51eaad3a817b   11 years ladanyi Autotools based build system.
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