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#604 Faster MaxMatching implementation new deba enhancement major LEMON 1.4 release
#610 PlanarDrawing::run() is incompatible with the PlanarEmbedding algorithm new alpar defect major LEMON 1.4 release
#8 GraphToEps() doesn't show loop egdes assigned alpar enhancement minor
#77 Added functionality to nodePsTexts() named param. of graphToEps(). assigned alpar enhancement minor
#78 Added functionality to graphToEps(). assigned alpar enhancement minor
#123 dim2::Point default constructor assigned kpeter enhancement minor
#139 Support short and long style parameters in ArgParser assigned alpar enhancement minor
#151 Possible improvement in the function-type implementation of BFS/DFS/Dijkstra new deba enhancement minor
#183 Improve doc of Elevator assigned kpeter enhancement minor
#224 Static graph maps new deba enhancement minor LEMON 1.5 release
#235 Push-relabel max flow (Preflow) for undirected graphs new alpar enhancement minor
#338 Infinite capacities in Preflow new alpar enhancement minor
#358 Runtime complexity for every algorithm new alpar enhancement minor
#452 time_measure.h uses obsolete headears new alpar defect minor LEMON 1.5 release
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