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#411 done Better image for stronglyConnectedComponents() Balazs Dezso Peter Kovacs

In the current image of stronglyConnectedComponents(), the arc arrows are so small that they can hardly recognize. This image is almost useless in this state, so the arrows must be made much larger.

Anyway, all images could be made slightly larger in the Connectivity doc module.

#128 fixed Bfs test is buggy Balazs Dezso Balazs Dezso

Bfs test has some trivial bugs.

#184 done Bibliography for LEMON Peter Kovacs Peter Kovacs

It would be useful if we have references (books, articles etc.) for the algorithm and data structure implementations and other parts of the library. Especially if we also target scientists.

The main question is how to add bibliography to the doxygen documentation, e.g. from a bibtex file.

Several solutions exists for this purpose, we should check them, decide which one to use and add it to the build system.

This question arose in #176. Alpar wrote there:

... bibtex2html is not really a ubiquitous tools, maybe because it is written in the somewhat exotic !OCaml language. We may also want to have a look at these (in the future):

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