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#506 spam Apple Has Announced The Update From ITunes U For IPad Alpar Juttner Genevacurtis

Apple has announced an updated iTunes U educational platform that allows teachers and students to create educational content with the iPad version. Within this application for teachers and students new tools for the creation and study of educational materials in Apple tablets are now available.

According to Apple, using the new version of iTunes U, students and teachers can communicate with each other in real time and ask questions, related to the content of the lesson. A new version of iTunes U will work with other Apple products, such as iWork, iBook Author, and many educational applications available for the iPad. Functionality of the new version iTunes U: private courses in which teachers can provide additional material for some students; how to jailbreak iphone 4s teachers can create, edit and maintain complete courses directly on the iPad; students can work together as well as open discussions related to the lessons.

Updated iTunes U app gives teachers the ability to create training courses on iPad and directly add interactive content and educational materials iWork, iBooks Author, and over 75,000 educational apps available for the iPad. Using the camera built into the iPad, teachers can record videos and photos and add them to the curriculum, giving students access to the current content of the surrounding world. Launch of the new iTunes U version is scheduled for July 8 More Releases on iTunes: Published Share with your friends: Apple has announced the update of iTunes U for iPad

#508 spam Facebook app for iPad Review Alpar Juttner Harveypeters

Fera HD is an iPad app for exploring the social network Facebook sacándole more done. It has a modern user interface and great graphics quality (optimized for retina displays). The highlight of this client is that Facebook allows you to select what you want to see on your news list. I mean, you can see the full list of actions from your friends, groups and pages you follow, or you can choose to display only photos, or videos, or status updates ... Another strong Fera features is that it allows the use of multiple accounts of Facebook, being able to switch between them easily and quickly. It also lets you edit your profile, add photos, status, share links and even select privacy (public, friends, custom lists ...) of what you share. And if you also have Twitter account and a Facebook find something you want to share on Twitter, you are lucky because you can share in any publication of this network easily. To interact with publications just hold down the publication for a second and globito with options appear (comment, "like", share, translate, copy, share on Twitter, tag, save image ...) depending on whether a photo, a link ... Fera incorporates a web browser in addition to enable you to view the links within the same application gives you the option to open the page in Safari as desired. There are two versions of this application: A free having full functionality but includes a banner ad. I've been using for a long time without any problem before you spend the full version. jailbreak ipad 1 A free paid advertising that is priced € 1.79 but you can download FREE for a limited time, so do not let it escape you! Fera is definitely a good alternative to the official Facebook application. Try it and share with us your opinion.

#499 spam Download Free Music Alpar Juttner Marcellamalone

BearShare? is a peer to peer file sharing program that not only lets you download the latest music and video but it lets you connect with friends and make new ones who also like the same artists share. itunes duplicates remover Users can easily access other profiles, pictures and their music libraries. The download process is very simple and all you have to do is click here. Within minutes, you have access to a huge variety of 20 million songs and videos. You can easily download the latest pop, rock, rap / hip hop and alternative music chart currently in sound and music video channels and radios. The extensive collection of songs takes you on a journey down memory lane. BearShare? has one of the best collections of retro music in various genres. In fact the BearShare? program is compatible with the Apple iPod and other MP3 devices. BearShare? has become a Limewire alternative since its closure and Limewire users can import music files and continue sharing music, videos and more. The content can be downloaded in various formats, including the popular MP3. A typical notion we have of peer programs is the risk involved due to share files for viruses, so BearShare? has gone to great lengths to ensure that the application is well protected from all viruses and only allows Sharing music file formats and video. The coolest source of entertainment is just a click away! Copyright 2014 Musiclab, LLC. All rights reserved.

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