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#607 fixed Bug in DIMACS reader method Peter Kovacs Peter Kovacs

The type checking code in readDimacsCap() is incorrect, see the attached patch.

#335 fixed Bug in ExtendFindEnum::clear Alpar Juttner Balazs Dezso

The clear function is not called properly.

#430 fixed Bug in LpBase::Constr Alpar Juttner Alpar Juttner

From: Gábor Rétvári

Dear all,

Based on my understanding, the below should work:

#include <lemon/lp.h>

using namespace lemon;

int main(){
  Lp::Col v;
  Lp::Constr c = v >= -3;
  c = c <= 4;
  return 0;

and it should have the same effect as

c = -3 <= v <= 4

However, currently it fails with an assertion:

/export/devel/lemon/lemon/lemon/lp_base.h:1708: lemon::LpBase::Constr 
lemon::operator<=(const lemon::LpBase::Constr&, const Value&): Wrong LP 
constraint (assertion 'isNaN(tmp.upperBound())' failed)

The attached patch fixes it for me.

Best regards, Gabor

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