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#143 fixed gLemon repository move Alpar Juttner Akos Ladanyi

The glemon repository at should be considered as official. Please put this to instead what is currently there.

#144 fixed Fix versioning of code in the repository Alpar Juttner Akos Ladanyi

Currently we use the mercurial revision hash as the version string. Since this can start with letters it can happen that it is considered smaller than any other version starting with a numerical character.

Solution 1: Use '99-hash' as the version string (hash is the revision hash).

Solution 2: Use a real version number. This should be chosen to be greater than the version number of the latest stable release, but smaller than the version of the next one. (This is what other projects do, for example gtk+:

Solution 3: Use Solution 2 but append the revision hash to the version string.

What should we do?

#148 fixed LEMON_FUNCTION_NAME may not work if the compiler is not C99 compliant Akos Ladanyi Akos Ladanyi

The LEMON_FUNCTION_NAME macro uses __func__ without testing that it is available.

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