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#364 fixed Missing UndirectedTag in SubGraph adaptor Peter Kovacs Tueti

By using the SubGraph? adaptor from a ListGraph? with the kruskal function from kruskal.h, the kuskal function for the DirectedGraph? concept is used. Provisional bug fixed by adding

typedef True UndirectedTag?;

in SubGraph? class in adaptors.h.

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#1 fixed random.h emits warnings Balazs Dezso Alpar Juttner

When compiling on openSUSE 10.3 (using gcc 4.2.1) with the standard configuration settings, it says the following:

./lemon/random.h: In function ‘int main()’:
./lemon/random.h:257: warning: array subscript is below array bounds
./lemon/random.h:257: warning: array subscript is below array bounds
./lemon/random.h:257: warning: array subscript is below array bounds

The warning disappears when compile option '-O2' is not used.

The problem exists in [9bd0d6e0c279] and all preceding changesets.

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