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#208 fixed Suppress or fix VS2008 warnings Alpar Juttner Alpar Juttner

The attached patch ([94e3cf7b7fb4]) fixes all of the warnings emitted by VS2008. In fact, most of them have been solved by suppressing the following warnings.

  • C4250: 'class1' : inherits 'class2::member' via dominance
  • C4355: 'this' : used in base member initializer list
  • C4800: 'type' : forcing value to bool 'true' or 'false' (performance warning)
  • C4996: 'function': was declared deprecated

But there was also an essential bug: it may happen in C++ that something you intend to be a class allocation, is syntactically a function declaration. You can read more about this problem here. It is worth reading.

Finally, the patch also turns off adaptors_test and edge_set_test in CMake, for they currently do not compile with VS2008.

Could someone check [94e3cf7b7fb4] compiles with VS2005?

#210 fixed Problem compiling time_measure.h on AIX Alpar Juttner Alpar Juttner

The xlC compiler reports that _SC_CLK_TCK is unknown. Including unistd.h seems to solve the problem.

#214 fixed porting graph_to_eps.h for VS2005 Alpar Juttner Tapolcai János

The attached patch can fix some compiler errors of VS2005 for graph_to_eps.h.

The GetSystemTime? function is called with different type of variables under MSDev.

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