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#294 fixed ignore_unused_variable_warning Balazs Dezso chrisatlemon

I noticed that both in #include <boost/graph/graph_concepts.hpp> and in #include <lemon/graph_concepts.hpp>

the helper template function "ignore_unused_variable_warning" is defined! Trying to write an BGL adaption of a ListGraph?, for me gcc complains e.g. about

"call of overloaded 'ignore_unused_variable_warning(lemon::ListGraphBase::Node&)' is ambiguous"

I attached a minimal code example which reproduces the error

#15 fixed id() and fromId() members of the graph classes Balazs Dezso Alpar Juttner

The graph classes used to have two useful member functions called id() and fromId(). Now, they seem to be missing. At least, they are missing from the documentation.

#7 fixed icc 8.0 bug with ConstMap Alpar Juttner Alpar Juttner

icc v8.0 has a bug with a kind of template specialization that is needed for ConstMap. It have to be work-arounded some way if we want to support icc-8.0

This ticket is a copy of report #25 of the old bug tracking system. It refers to an unknown svn version. The original report was posted by Mihaly Barasz.

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