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#228 fixed The tools directory is not built by CMAKE Alpar Juttner Alpar Juttner
#229 fixed Default implemention of Tolerace<> is faulty Alpar Juttner Alpar Juttner

The default implementation of Tolerance<> is faulty (it answers false to everything). Probably, it should not exist at all except the documentation.

#231 fixed readDimacsMat() should (also) read undirected graph Alpar Juttner Alpar Juttner

Currently, all DIMACS reader creates directed graphs. So does readDimacsMat(), though here the undirected graph would be the natural choice. (The DIMACS MAT format is for the maximum matching problem).

On the other hand, the MAT format is also perfectly usable for storing a directed graph. Therefore we should make it possible to read a MAT file to a Digraph, too.

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