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#204 done CBC MIP solver interface Balazs Dezso Tapolcai János

See the attached files with the lp/mip codes for CBC solver. CBC ( was the fatest opensource solver in H. Mittelmann expirements, see also

CBC can use CLP for LP solving.

PS. sorry, the attached code is far from a fully finished/nicely polished code.

#240 fixed CMAKE config to allow use LEMON as a subproject Akos Ladanyi Alpar Juttner

It would be nice to allow the use of LEMON as a subproject, i.e. when someone could copy the lemon repo/tarball into a subdir of her own project then simply use the ADD_SUBDIRECTORY cmake command to build LEMON.

#393 fixed CMAKE doesn't create lemon.pc Akos Ladanyi Alpar Juttner

lemon.pc is the pkg-config config file and should be installed under @prefix@/lib/pkgconfig

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