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#14 fixed Review lemon/maps.h Peter Kovacs Alpar Juttner

We must clean up this file for Lemon 1.0. For this we should

  • classify the tools into this catergories
    • frequently used
    • sometimes used
    • hardly used
    • never
  • remove those having unclear purposes or little use.
  • think over which ones can be merged together without a big loss in their functionality
  • try to find smart name for all the tools that survive this process
  • revised the documentations, as well.
#15 fixed id() and fromId() members of the graph classes Balazs Dezso Alpar Juttner

The graph classes used to have two useful member functions called id() and fromId(). Now, they seem to be missing. At least, they are missing from the documentation.

#16 fixed Automatic doc generation for the main hg repo Akos Ladanyi Alpar Juttner

It should be done similarly to the way how the documentation is generated from the svn repository.

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