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#28 fixed Revise error.h and Balazs Dezso Peter Kovacs
Description is not used as a test program in SVN and HG and it does not pass. So lemon/error.h and test/ should be revised. At least in the HG repository.

#29 fixed Using \tparam doxygen command Peter Kovacs Peter Kovacs

We should use \tparam for template parameter documentation.

#36 fixed Revise StoreBoolMap implementation Peter Kovacs Peter Kovacs
  1. StoreBoolMap is now write-only, but it is said to be read-write map in the documentation.
  1. The set() function is const, which is strange. That is why _end iterator is declared mutable. I suggest a non-const set() function, a const _begin and a non-const _end iterator.
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