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#25 fixed Unify the output of the test programs Peter Kovacs Alpar Juttner

The rules on thumb:

  • Print something to the output only if it really seems necessary. Check the validity of the results of the algorithms instead (using the check() macro).
  • Do not print a message saying all test passed at the end of the output.
#26 fixed UndirectedTagIndicator<> does not work Balazs Dezso Alpar Juttner

This defect appears in [fc178a057bbd] and also in svn trunk since -r!3130.

#27 fixed Think over how the demo codes should look like Peter Kovacs Alpar Juttner

Some basic principles:

  • The demos should be simple and easy to understand.
  • They should read the graphs from a file instead of creating them by hand. (Except the one which demonstrates how to build and modify a graph.)
  • We should provide a limited number of general input files instead of a lot of demo specific ones.
  • The command line syntax should be uniform, we should use ArgParser everywhere.
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