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#262 fixed Connectivity tools are missing from the doc Peter Kovacs Peter Kovacs

All the tools in connectivity.h are missing from the doc. Either the graph_prop group should be renamed to connectivity in groups.dox and in euler.h or graph_prop should be used in connectivity.h. Which one do you prefer?

#482 fixed Consider giving a real soname when building a shared library Alpar Juttner amluto


I'm playing with packaging lemon for Fedora. Currently everything works (as long as I don't try to link against glpk), but the resulting doesn't have an associated version. This will cause issues when lemon gets upgraded.

Would you be willing to version it for real or at least to create and symlink it to (The latter is a bit annoying in that it will force all users to rebuild for each new major release, but it's better than causing silent failures.)


#401 done Contrib dir Akos Ladanyi Alpar Juttner

Probably the easiest way of using LEMON without a system-wide install is to compile your code along with the library itself. Currently, you and do it by putting the code into the demo subdir, but it is not fully intuitive.

Instead of it, the attached patch adds a new subdir 'contrib' with an empty CMakeLists.txt file (with some comments) for this purpose.

What do you think of this idea?

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