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#126 fixed dim2::BoundingBox improvements Peter Kovacs Peter Kovacs

I made patch files that improves the implementation of dim2::BoundingBox and the related test file.

The current implementation of the empty() function is not correct in all cases. E.g. in the following code it returns false, but the coordinates of the box is ((1,1),(2,0)), so it is empty.

  dim2::BoundingBox b(1,1,2,2);;
  std::cout << b.empty();
#134 fixed Revise class and visitor interfaces of Bfs/Dfs/Dijkstra Peter Kovacs Peter Kovacs

The class and the visitor interfaces must be clarified before the release of lemon-1.0.

#140 fixed DijkstraWizard::processedMap() does not work Peter Kovacs Peter Kovacs
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