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#170 fixed Critical bug fix in SmartDigraph::split() Peter Kovacs Peter Kovacs

The following code causes "Segmentation fault" error in the 1.0 release as well as in [9194a12c52e6].

  typedef lemon::SmartDigraph Digraph;

  Digraph G;
  Node n1 = G.addNode(), n2 = G.addNode(), n3 = G.addNode();
  Arc a1 = G.addArc(n1, n2), a2 = G.addArc(n2, n1),
      a3 = G.addArc(n2, n3), a4 = G.addArc(n2, n3);

  Node n4 = G.split(n2);

The attached patch [99dcd99637ba] fixes this critical bug on the top of [9194a12c52e6]. However I think it would also worth to merge into the 1.0 release branch.

#372 fixed Critical bug in Elevator Balazs Dezso Peter Kovacs

The attached code fails on the attached input file. It runs Preflow for all node pairs, but for one of them, it gets in an infinite loop. Using LinkedElevator, however, it works correctly, see the commented lines.

It seems that calling the deactivate() function of Elevator does not deactive the node, so it will be selected again as the highest active node.

#596 invalid DFS depends on the order source nodes are added -- LEMON 1.3-1 Alpar Juttner Robert Lieck

The nodes that are reached by DFS are wrong and depend on the order source nodes are added. The attached code implements a simple graph n0-->n3, n1-->n2 and adds n0 and n1 to the source nodes of DFS. Depending on the order either n2 or n3 is not reached.


add node 1 add node 0 node 3: reached node 2: NOT reached node 1: reached node 0: reached

add node 0 add node 1 node 3: NOT reached node 2: reached node 1: reached node 0: reached

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