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#599 fixed Typo in code example Peter Kovacs Antal Nemes

During refreshing my experience with this nice library, I found a little typo in a code example of the documentation. A variable is declared with a name cm, but used as cap, resulting in non compiling code.

Due to the simplicity of the issue this is just cosmetic change.

#598 fixed ObserverProxy implementation bug Alpar Juttner Alpar Juttner

From lemon-users by Pierre M:


Thank you to develop and share the Lemon graph library.

By curiosity I have ran the code analyzer from Visual Studio on the Lemon library.

And it found some strange things in lemon/list_graph.hpp:

In all the ObserverProxy implementations we can see something like:

virtual void add(const std::vector<Node>& nodes) {
          for (int i = nodes.size() - 1; i >= 0; ++i) {

The increment step of the loop must be -- and not ++ !!

This error appears 18 times and must be fixed!

I'm using Lemon 1.3 and I have checked on the current mercurials files, the error is still there in the trunk.

Regards/ Cordialement, Pierre M

#596 invalid DFS depends on the order source nodes are added -- LEMON 1.3-1 Alpar Juttner Robert Lieck

The nodes that are reached by DFS are wrong and depend on the order source nodes are added. The attached code implements a simple graph n0-->n3, n1-->n2 and adds n0 and n1 to the source nodes of DFS. Depending on the order either n2 or n3 is not reached.


add node 1 add node 0 node 3: reached node 2: NOT reached node 1: reached node 0: reached

add node 0 add node 1 node 3: NOT reached node 2: reached node 1: reached node 0: reached

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