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#285 fixed Fixes and improvements for connectivity tools Peter Kovacs Peter Kovacs
#288 done Remove bits/base_extender.h Peter Kovacs Peter Kovacs

bits/base_extender.h has been unused since it is ported form SVN, since UndirDigraphExtender is no longer used for implementing undirected graphs. There is another class BidirBpGraphExtender in the file. A class like that will probably be needed for implementing bipartite graphs, but I'm not sure, since the bipartite concepts should be thoroughly revised, see #69.

That's why I suggest removing this file.

#289 done The meaning of LEMON Alpar Juttner Peter Kovacs

The currently used explanation for the acronym LEMON is

Library of Efficient Models and Optimization in Networks.

However another slightly different variant is proposed, namely

Library for Efficient Modeling and Optimization in Networks.

Which one would be better? One reason for the new one is that "library of optimization" is a bit strange.

If we would like to change, than we must do it consequently. So updating the doc, the web page, the tutorial etc. would be needed.

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