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#17 fixed Revise debug modes and exceptions Balazs Dezso Alpar Juttner

We should revise the debug modes and organizations of the exceptions. We need clear rules in which cases should we throw extensions.

#18 fixed non-template functions in grid_ugraph.h Alpar Juttner Mihaly Barasz

In grid_ugraph.h there are some global functions defined at the end (indexMap(), rowMap() and colMap()). These are not template functions, so they should only be declared there and defined in their own .cc file. Otherwise the linker would give an error if this header is included in multiple files (which are to be linked in one binary).

#19 fixed Global rnd object is not seedable/randomizable Balazs Dezso Mihaly Barasz

random.h provides a global instance of Random, which is indeed convenient, but pretty much useless now. As there is no way to provide a seed for it. So you'll get the same sequence every time you run your program.

I suggest to create a seed(...) method(s) to the Random class, which would reseed the sequence.

Please, also consider the possibility to implement some kind of randomize() method, to seed the sequence by pid of the process, timeofday etc. Sure, this is not cryptographically secure, but very convenient for doing simulations...

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