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#205 fixed Indexing bug in LP Balazs Dezso Balazs Dezso

The lp::col(Col, DualExpr?) uses col indexes instead of row indexes.

#206 fixed Support for GLPK using CMAKE build env. Akos Ladanyi Alpar Juttner

GLPK has a quite up-to-date Windows installer, thus LEMON should support it.

#207 fixed Cannot install with CMAKE if doc is not (e.g. cannot be) generated Akos Ladanyi Alpar Juttner

For installing lemon using CMAKE, the doc must also be built.

If would be nice if

  • the install}} target depended on the {{{html target, so make install would automatically create it
  • the html target did nothing but created the html directory when Doxygen or Ghostscript is not available.
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