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#20 fixed random.h fails to compile on Cygwin Alpar Juttner Alpar Juttner

lemon/random.h fails to compile on Cygwin, because #include<cmath> doesn't define M_E.

This bug appears in [1113f6d12c0c] and also in svn trunk -r3441. In svn trunk similar bugs also appear at other places due to the missing M_X constants.

#21 fixed Wrong '-I' compiler directives Akos Ladanyi Alpar Juttner

When the repository is compiled, -I. -I./lemon -I.. -I.. compilation directives are used, which is seriously wrong. The only directory to be added is the root of the source repository.

Currently, if we use a file name that has a counterpart in the standard directory (e.g. lemon/math.h), the the system files will also include this instead of the right one.

This bug appears both in the [1113f6d12c0c] and in the svn trun -r3441

#22 fixed Transplant error.h into hg main Peter Kovacs Alpar Juttner

error.h is used by the most LEMON elements, therefore it is crucial to have it in hg repo as soon as possible.

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