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#92 fixed Invalid constraints in LP Alpar Juttner Balazs Dezso

The following type of constraints are valid in the Lp system:

LpExpr(e) >= double(l) <= double(u),[[BR]]

and the meaning of it is

double(l) <= LpExpr(e) <= double(u).[[BR]]

The solution is easy, if an expr is on the left side of comparison, then the other bound must be also set to +/- Inf, it must not let NaN.

#99 fixed Revise check() macro Alpar Juttner Peter Kovacs

test/test_tools.h contains

  • the check() macro, which is used in all test files, and
  • some tools about Petersen (sub)graphs.

I suggest separating the widely used check() macro and the Petersen tools, e.g. put the macro into a assert.h.

Shouldn't we use LEMON_ASSERT instead of check() or shouldn't check() be an alias for it?

#104 fixed Meaningless parameter in ArgParser::boolOption() Alpar Juttner Balazs Dezso

Usually, the value parameter is used to add a default value for a argument. However in the boolean case, if this parameter is set true, then the argument will always true, because false argument cannot be given from command line. So, I think this parameter is meaningless in this context.

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