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#23 fixed Arc/Node validity check in ListGraph (and in SmartGraph) Balazs Dezso Alpar Juttner

The possibility of checking the validity of Arc, Edge and Node data structures are very important for creating proper language binding for scripting language. (A language binding must ensure that the user cannot crash the interpreter itself by a faulty code.)

Using SmartGraph, it is easy to check it by checking if the item id is in the corresponding range

For ListGraph, my suggestion would be to set the source of an edge to INVALID when it is deleted. It would cause quite little performance loss and then the validity could be checked in constant time.

#116 fixed ArgParser should be cleaned Alpar Juttner Balazs Dezso

There are some public member functions which takes to iterators, which iterators should be refer to a private container. These member functions should be private in these class.

In addition, some member function should be const. For example files(), showHelp(), given(), operator[]()...

#16 fixed Automatic doc generation for the main hg repo Akos Ladanyi Alpar Juttner

It should be done similarly to the way how the documentation is generated from the svn repository.

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