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#574 spam good you could train hardhe Alpar Juttner GDold

wise here's whyAlpha Shred when were the plant based you could look kiAlpha Shrednda loose when you're young you're look good when you get forty five i_circuits are scaling tAlpha Shredhe wall i call itAlpha Shred i was a competitive bodybuilder backhereAlpha Shred and then arnold schwarzenegger he realized that one the movie pumping iron came out i gotthe blood and i was a pretty good competitive bAlpha Shredodybuilder in only one i iwant some shows himself blood spatAlpha Shredter i was going in at brought twenty eightabout thirty Alpha Shredthree i competed and you know i'll find some career youknow and i was going to get to your mother was economy might want to do therest of my life Alpha Shredi still emma i'd like to ratify choAlpha Shredlera muscle had aheart but i think muscle has a good way learns i take it is a form a disciplined butyou can eat discipline in the chairman workout when you feel like it you Alpha Shredcanpeople become a better business person or business banner you can be more successful life when youwere in the disciplines from working out it wasn't just about looking good it wAlpha Shredaswhat form of uh... our religionAlpha Shred to me working out it stAlpha Shredill is to this day i'm still Alpha Shredvery passionate or ego the air but here's what happened when i startedaround forty five years of age still had the desire to work out be inshape my bodAlpha Shredy was breaking down and i was fromthis old-school bodybAlpha Shreduilding we gotta eat six feedings a day you know and you knowAlpha Shred click in statefish too to wait you know all that stuff but itcaught up to my joints okay what happened he might join sport killing me i mean it was a point outthat if the weiAlpha Shredghts articulate the way to start losing your muscle massgraduatAlpha Shredion is killing me they were just they were just uh... would lAlpha Shredead to megoing more to a plant base was the uric acid found ouAlpha Shredt meet your body caneliminate a certain percentage the uric acid lab it crystallizes goes into yourjoints that have been doing a lot of researchuh... on protein so when yoAlpha Shredu have protein you haven't anabolic pathway in effect cataboliAlpha Shredc pathway what does that mean i want the anabolicfor muscleAlpha Shred repair in recovery i don't want to catabolic okay whatAlpha Shred doesthat mean i don't want all the hormones in the me down one all the uric acid inthe media you know goes on and onAlpha Shred the g_m_ all fed crops illness you're getting your realpristine source of animal foods i would say do not

#575 spam where sometimes my last meal might besix seven o'clock at night and i don Alpar Juttner GDold

detect garbage and theregularAlpha Shred grocery stores i mean this is and if you ever see what's Alpha Shredwith thoseanimals go through with they shoot 'em up with them with thirty eighteen inches yeah tickets cecil but then you get the westernprices weren't talking Alpha Shredabout you got all these different schools weston priceAlpha Shred youknow you do you know that you if you are going to hAlpha Shredave such eight grass fed youknow that's you know not even she imo crops and that's so in this case this i can find everybody'sgot a finer journey in final would Alpha Shredmake sense to them so i recommend anybody ifyou have Alpha Shredto be a few are gonna go more to a plant based to stilAlpha Shredl be partly a an animal leader get the highest qualitAlpha Shredy and then maybe if thats doesn't work foryou anymore tAlpha Shredhan you know more to electoral vote there's a guy Alpha Shredbill pearl one of the further anyone miss universeaAlpha Shredt forty one that was elected although other deterrAlpha Shredent is he really needed areamakes you know company like he was shooting a lot of muscle massmight thing is this ok reside 'cause founded someone started at i'Alpha Shredd had to doit for myself are the final plan face sourAlpha Shredce work andstill get my protein to repair my muscle Alpha Shredtissue but a cleansource that didn't have all the catAlpha Shredabolic waste i call it so i was likean old antique car had a stripped-down before circling it up again said texasmy stories are still held its soAlpha Shred does know how many calories do you today well it very to my course of time when iswitched over to see more calories what i'm doing now and into anti-agingAlpha Shred power and the only proven saying we couldreally Alpha Shredincrease a level i spend is calorie restriction ride tAlpha Shredo restrict the calories why just told you just part of myprotocol i got the best super foods in that team at all my food and getting themost bang for the book i cAlpha Shredall it for my calories okay c and i'm even experimenAlpha Shredting now withthe eddie and even as a hearing about iAlpha Shredntermittent fasting in training haveyou found out it does to the muscle tissue that into you know much aboutthatAlpha Shred now is pretty amazing laying around without a little Alpha Shredbetter right now 't get to the gym talk aboutuh... currently work iAlpha Shredn the morning i'm hiAlpha Shredttin the gym around nine thirtyten pencil my bodies in a spouse fasted state about fourteen to sixteen hours why do the high intensity training

#576 spam fect so i think it would period of time it's almost like Alpar Juttner GDold

some night dieting i love what i eat only meals i'm love what i'm doingsome that dieting i've tried to changeAlpha Shred my body composition say-so i'm doing it Alpha Shredvery slowly i'm not in arush i'm not going anywhere in the troubles when you're young that's whyguys take steroids and stuff everybodyAlpha Shred's in a race if exactly what the musclesflexed now past you know lifestyle work thatway everything is consistent over a loAlpha Shredng chinese building strongroots when you build strong roots if chiefs with him stays with you so mAlpha Shredy training philosophy is anti agAlpha Shreding outhigh and anti-aging having also being quick infast i'm trying to work more my flexibilitypossesses stuff you lose Alpha Shredwhen you get older you lose muscle mass your body just wants to put on more fatwhen you get older that's jusAlpha Shred a genetics thing so i'm trying to trickmother nature with all these protocols that i'm doing so massive you go and i'm suAlpha Shrede you go tobed early right are you doing sometimes they getAlpha Shred upsometimes i will just pass out see i'm a big believer in getting rest when youneed it and sometimes they come to work with mycompany to cook and we have different projects sometimes on sleep the wAlpha Shreday i doso it's not always ideal but i'm a big believer on sunday i turn everything off my cell phoneeight only answer i don't even talk muchAlpha Shred sometimes i might fast one day on asaturday or sunday but i'll sleep anyway from tweAlpha Shredve to fifteen hours but that's watching movies ya getnetflix and i watched a movie it's like a is called recharging thebattery i have one day it's a toAlpha Shredal rest day to recharge the bative stress not sleeAlpha Shredike the chinese class we will you build your jane you get the proper arrests yet that really pretty thing in harmonyAlpha Shredthat scott or i met is put my body in harmony where you can train crazy needed but ifyou're not getting theAlpha Shred rest so that's one of the components you need mostpeople shoots it back and relax i'd i'd try to take that to an art form when iAlpha Shredrelax i relax i could seeAlpha Shred i can't speak out in a park somewhere with peoplealthough not perAlpha Shredbe Alpha Shredto discard outletof people don't always amped up so hot i'm anne

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