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#114 fixed Revise the documentation of kruskal() Alpar Juttner Peter Kovacs

The attached patch file contains doc improvements for kruskal(), but there are two more things that should be revised.

  1. If the input graph is not connected (or the input digraph is not weakly connected), a spanning forest is calculated instead of a spanning tree. Am I right? I think, there should be a \note in the doc about this important case.
  2. The \warning seems to be meaningless. Perhaps a word is missing after "If Kruskal runs on an".
#116 fixed ArgParser should be cleaned Alpar Juttner Balazs Dezso

There are some public member functions which takes to iterators, which iterators should be refer to a private container. These member functions should be private in these class.

In addition, some member function should be const. For example files(), showHelp(), given(), operator[]()...

#122 fixed 'Node' or 'const Node&' parameters Alpar Juttner Peter Kovacs

Which syntax should be used if a function needs a node/arc/edge parameter? Which one is better and why?

  • Node n, Arc a, Edge e
  • const Node &n, const Arc &a, const Edge &e
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