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     1= Issue Tracker =
     3This public issue tracker is for reporting bugs, discussing development tasks and feature requests.
     4In case you encounter any problem using LEMON or have suggestions for improvements, you are welcomed to report it here.
     5Each reported issue (which is called ''ticket'') has a unique number that can be referred to. Thus you may check whether any progress was made and you may add comments to it.
     6Moreover you can subscribe to the [ ticket notification] mailing list to get e-mail notification on every ticket change, or you can add your email address as ''cc'' to distinct tickets that you are intrested in.
     8Please keep the followings in mind before creating new tickets:
     10 * Check whether there is an open ticket yet for the issue or bug you would like to report (you may use [/search Search] for that).
     11   If there is a closely related ticket, please report your comments to that one isntead of creating a new ticket.
     12 * In case of bug reporting please try to clearly describe the problem and the way to reproduce it, and don't forget to specify the exact version number you use. (In case of a development version specify the hg hash id instead of version number.)
     14'''Note:''' You have to be registered and logged in to create new tickets or add comments to existing ones. Use the [/register Register] and [/login Login] at the top right for that.
     16== View Tickets ==
     17 * '''[/report/1 Active Tickets]'''
     18 * '''[/report/3 Active Tickets by Milestone]'''
     19 * [/report/4 Assigned, Active Tickets by Owner]
     20 * [/report/6 All Tickets by Milestone (including closed)]
     21 * [/report/7 My Tickets]
     22 * [/report/8 Active Tickets, Mine first]
     24== Create Tickets ==
     25 * '''[/newticket New Ticket]''' (you have to be logged in for this)
     26 * [/admin Administration] (you have to be a developer for this)