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     1= LEMON Contrib Template =
     3The aim of [ the template repository] is to make is easier to setup a new LEMON based project.
     4It provides a cross platform [CMake] build environment.
     6This guide assumes you use Linux or some other UN*X based system, but everything works equally well on Windows, too.
     8== Setup and Build the Template ==
     10This is fairly easy. First, clone the contrib template repository and step
     11into the dir, as follows.
     15hg clone myproject
     16cd myproject
     19As you probably want to use LEMON in your project, you will need it too. For this you have to options. You can either install it somewhere or use a local copy of LEMON dedicated to your project. This later option is especially useful if you also modify/develop LEMON along with your project, or want to use a specific version.
     21=== Use a preinstalled version. ===
     23See the [InstallGuide LEMON Install Guide] for instructions on how to install LEMON. If you installed it to a non-standard place, you must let CMAKE know where to find it in the LEMON_ROOT_DIR config variable.
     25=== Use LEMON as a subproject. ===
     27Just simply copying the LEMON source code into the 'lemon' subdir will do the job. Namely, you can either extract a release tarball
     32tar xzf lemon-1.1.tar.gz
     33mv lemon-1.1 lemon
     36or - even better - you can check out the mercurial LEMON repository
     40hg clone lemon
     43Then run CMAKE to create the makefiles and compile the code as usual.
     47mkdir build
     48cd build
     49cmake-gui ..
     53== Setup Your Own Project ==
     55Edit [ CMakeLists.txt] to change the name of the project and the source files. Simply follow the instructions in [ CMakeLists.txt].