Public Member Functions

BellmanFord< GR, LEN, TR >::ActiveIt Class Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename GR, typename LEN, typename TR>
class lemon::BellmanFord< GR, LEN, TR >::ActiveIt

This class provides a common style LEMON iterator that traverses the active nodes of the Bellman-Ford algorithm after the last phase. These nodes should be checked in the next phase to find augmenting arcs outgoing from them.

#include <lemon/bellman_ford.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ActiveIt (const BellmanFord &algorithm)
 ActiveIt (Invalid)
 operator Node () const
ActiveItoperator++ ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ActiveIt ( const BellmanFord algorithm) [inline]

Constructor for getting the active nodes of the given BellmanFord instance.

ActiveIt ( Invalid  ) [inline]

Invalid constructor.

Member Function Documentation

operator Node ( ) const [inline]

Conversion to Node.

ActiveIt& operator++ ( ) [inline]

Increment operator.

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