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BellmanFordDefaultOperationTraits< V, has_inf > Struct Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename V, bool has_inf = std::numeric_limits<V>::has_infinity>
struct lemon::BellmanFordDefaultOperationTraits< V, has_inf >

This operation traits class defines all computational operations and constants that are used in the Bellman-Ford algorithm. The default implementation is based on the numeric_limits class. If the numeric type does not have infinity value, then the maximum value is used as extremal infinity value.

#include <lemon/bellman_ford.h>

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Public Types

typedef V Value

Static Public Member Functions

static Value zero ()
 Gives back the zero value of the type.
static Value infinity ()
 Gives back the positive infinity value of the type.
static Value plus (const Value &left, const Value &right)
 Gives back the sum of the given two elements.
static bool less (const Value &left, const Value &right)
 Gives back true only if the first value is less than the second.
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