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GraphMap< GR, K, V > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename GR, typename K, typename V>
class lemon::concepts::GraphMap< GR, K, V >

This class describes the concept of standard graph maps, i.e. the NodeMap, ArcMap and EdgeMap subtypes of digraph and graph types, which can be used for associating data to graph items. The standard graph maps must conform to the ReferenceMap concept.

#include <lemon/concepts/graph_components.h>

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Public Types

typedef K Key
 The key type of the map.
typedef V Value
 The value type of the map.
typedef ValueReference
 The reference type of the map.
typedef const ValueConstReference
 The const reference type of the map.

Public Member Functions

 GraphMap (const GR &)
 Construct a new map.
 GraphMap (const GR &, const Value &)
 Construct a new map with default value.

Private Member Functions

 GraphMap (const GraphMap &)
 Copy constructor.
template<typename CMap >
GraphMapoperator= (const CMap &)
 Assignment operator.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GraphMap ( const GR &  ) [inline, explicit]

Construct a new map for the graph.

GraphMap ( const GR &  ,
const Value  
) [inline]

Construct a new map for the graph and initalize the values.

GraphMap ( const GraphMap< GR, K, V > &  ) [inline, private]

Copy Constructor.

Member Function Documentation

GraphMap& operator= ( const CMap &  ) [inline, private]

Assignment operator. It does not mofify the underlying graph, it just iterates on the current item set and set the map with the value returned by the assigned map.

Reimplemented in MappableDigraphComponent< BAS >::NodeMap< V >, MappableDigraphComponent< BAS >::ArcMap< V >, and MappableGraphComponent< BAS >::EdgeMap< V >.

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