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Digraph::Node Class Reference

Detailed Description

This class identifies a node of the digraph. It also serves as a base class of the node iterators, thus they convert to this type.

#include <lemon/concepts/digraph.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Node ()
 Default constructor.
 Node (const Node &)
 Node (Invalid)
 Invalid constructor & conversion.
bool operator== (Node) const
 Equality operator.
bool operator!= (Node) const
bool operator< (Node) const
 Artificial ordering operator.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Node ( ) [inline]

Default constructor.

It sets the object to an undefined value.
Node ( const Node ) [inline]

Copy constructor.

Node ( Invalid  ) [inline]

Initializes the object to be invalid.

See also:
Invalid for more details.

Member Function Documentation

bool operator== ( Node  ) const [inline]

Equality operator.

Two iterators are equal if and only if they point to the same object or both are INVALID.

bool operator!= ( Node  ) const [inline]

Inequality operator.

bool operator< ( Node  ) const [inline]

Artificial ordering operator.

This operator only has to define some strict ordering of the nodes; this order has nothing to do with the iteration ordering of the nodes.
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