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Migration from the 0.x Series

This guide gives an in depth description on what has changed compared to the 0.x release series.

Many of these changes adjusted automatically by the tool. Those requiring manual update are typeset boldface.

Graph Related Name Changes

The script replaces the words graph, ugraph, edge and uedge in your own identifiers and in strings, comments etc. as well as in all LEMON specific identifiers. So use the script carefully and make a backup copy of your source files before applying the script to them.

LGF tools

BFS, DFS and Dijkstra

Exceptions and Debug tools

The class hierarchy of exceptions has largely been simplified. Now, only the i/o related tools may throw exceptions. All other exceptions have been replaced with either the LEMON_ASSERT or the LEMON_DEBUG macros.

On the other hand, the parameter order of constructors of the exceptions has been changed. See IoError and FormatError for more details.