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1/* -*- C++ -*-
2 *
3 * This file is a part of LEMON, a generic C++ optimization library
4 *
5 * Copyright (C) 2003-2006
6 * Egervary Jeno Kombinatorikus Optimalizalasi Kutatocsoport
7 * (Egervary Research Group on Combinatorial Optimization, EGRES).
8 *
9 * Permission to use, modify and distribute this software is granted
10 * provided that this copyright notice appears in all copies. For
11 * precise terms see the accompanying LICENSE file.
12 *
13 * This software is provided "AS IS" with no warranty of any kind,
14 * express or implied, and with no claim as to its suitability for any
15 * purpose.
16 *
17 */
19#ifndef MAIN_WIN_H
20#define MAIN_WIN_H
22#include "all_include.h"
23#include "algowin.h"
24#include "map_win.h"
25#include "new_map_win.h"
26#include "nbtab.h"
27#include <libgnomecanvasmm.h>
28#include <libgnomecanvasmm/polygon.h>
31///This class is the main window of GUI.
33///It has menus, and a notebook. Notebook has different pages,
34///the so called tabs (\ref NoteBookTab). Each \ref NoteBookTab contains a canvas on which graphs can be drawn.
35///To manage creation and close of tabs and tabswitching is the task of MainWin.
36class MainWin : public Gtk::Window
38  ///Container in which the menus and the notebook is.
39  //Gtk::VBox vbox;
40  Gtk::Table table;
41  Gtk::Table table2;
43  ///Container in which the toolbar and the node parametrizer is.
44  Gtk::HBox hbox;
46  ///Should nodes be autoscaled or not?
47  Gtk::CheckButton * auto_scale;
49  ///Should node size track zoom factor?
50  Gtk::CheckButton * zoom_track;
52  ///Minimum and maximum node radius entry
53  Gtk::SpinButton * radius_size, * edge_width;
55  ///The notebook that has tabs (\ref NoteBookTab) with different graphs.
56  Gtk::Notebook notebook;
58  ///The tool selected to manipulate graph.
60  ///It has to be stored, because in case of tabswitching
61  ///the correct tool has to be set for the actual graph.
62  int active_tool;
64  ///The number of active tab in the notebook.
65  int active_tab;
67  ///Vector of existing tabs in the notebook.
68  std::vector<NoteBookTab *> tabs;
70  ///Vector of the name of tabs.
72  ///All \ref NoteBookTab has a name that is stored here. The index of the name
73  ///is the same as the index of the \ref NoteBookTab in \ref tabs.
74  std::vector<std::string> tabnames;
76  ///Counter of occurence of the same file names.
78  ///If a file is opened more than once we have to score
79  ///the occurences to let the titles on tabs different.
80  ///If more than one occurence is present, from the second
81  ///one near the filename the number of the occurence appear.
82  std::map<std::string, int> strinst;
84  ///Set of opened \ref AlgoWin s.
86  ///More than one \refAlgoWin can be opened. We have to
87  ///communicate with them in case of new \ref NoteBookTab creation,
88  ///\ref NoteBookTab close, or map change. Therefore we have to score
89  ///their occurences.
90  std::set< AlgoWin* > aws;
94  ///Constructor of the \ref MainWin.
96  ///It creates the menus, the toolbar and the notebook in which
97  ///\ref NoteBookTab s take place. \ref NoteBookTab s are the
98  ///holder of the canvases on which the graphs are drawn.
99  MainWin();
101  ///Sets title of tabs.
103  ///It alse registrates it in \ref tabnames. If more than one
104  ///occurence is in the notebook of the same file it has to
105  ///extend tabname with the number of occurence.
106  void set_tabtitle(std::string);
108  ///ActionGroup for menu
109  Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::ActionGroup> ag;
111  ///UIManager for menu
112  Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::UIManager> uim;
114  ///Creates a new \ref NoteBookTab and opens the given file.
116  ///It is called only with command line parameters at stratup.
117  void readFile(const std::string &);
119  ///Tooltips
120  Gtk::Tooltips tooltips;
122  //Call-backs of buttons
124  ///Callback for 'FileNew' action.
125  virtual void newFile();
126  ///Callback for 'FileOpen' action.
127  virtual void openFile();
128  ///Callback for 'FileSave' action.
129  virtual void saveFile();
130  ///Callback for 'FileSaveAs' action.
131  virtual void saveFileAs();
132  ///Callback for 'Close' action.
133  virtual void close();
135  //Toolbar
137  ///Callback for 'zoomIn' action.
139  ///It calls the appropriate function in
140  ///\ref GraphDisplayerCanvas
141  virtual void zoomIn();
142  ///Callback for 'zoomOut' action.
144  ///It calls the appropriate function in
145  ///\ref GraphDisplayerCanvas
146  virtual void zoomOut();
147  ///Callback for 'zoomFit' action.
149  ///It calls the appropriate function in
150  ///\ref GraphDisplayerCanvas
151  virtual void zoomFit();
152  ///Callback for 'zoom100' action.
154  ///It calls the appropriate function in
155  ///\ref GraphDisplayerCanvas
156  virtual void zoom100();
158  ///Callback for Show Maps menupoint.
160  ///It calls the appropriate function in
161  ///\ref NoteBookTab
162  virtual void createMapWin();
164  ///Callback for Show Design menupoint.
166  ///It calls the appropriate function in
167  ///\ref NoteBookTab
168  virtual void createDesignWin();
170  ///Pops up an Algorithm window.
172  ///It not only creates but registrates the newly created \ref AlgoWin.
173  ///It is necessary, because in case of changement between tabs or maps
174  ///we have to communicate with it. Signals are also have to be connected
175  ///to it, because \ref AlgoWin emits signals if it needs anything (maplist, deregistration).
176  ///\param algo type of the algorithm to run.
177  virtual void createAlgoWin(int algo);
179  ///Deregisters AlgoWin
181  ///This is the function connected to the closing signal of \ref AlgoWin.
182  ///It only deletes the sender \ref AlgoWin from \ref aws. This function
183  ///is called only by the closing \ref AlgoWin itself.
184  ///\param aw the \ref AlgoWin to delete.
185  virtual void deRegisterAlgoWin(AlgoWin * aw);
187  ///Updates list of tabs in all of the \ref AlgoWin
189  ///When \ref NoteBookTab inserted somewhere or closed one tablist in all \ref AlgoWin
190  ///have to be updated. That is why we score all the opened \ref AlgoWin.
191  ///During update \ref tabnames will be passed to each \ref AlgoWin.
192  virtual void updateAlgoWinTabs();
194  ///Refresh list of maps in the AlgoWin that requested it.
196  ///In an \ref AlgoWin there is a ComboBoxText, in which
197  ///a \ref NoteBookTab can be chosen that contains the graph and the maps,
198  ///on which we would like to run algorithms. If we change the
199  ///tab the available maps also have to be updated, because
200  ///in the different tabs different maps are available. Therefore
201  ///on tab change the \ref AlgoWin emits a signal that contains itself
202  ///so that the appropriate maps can be sent to it. For the sake of simplicity
203  ///the program answers this call with the mapstorage of the newly selected tab.
204  ///\param aw the caller \ref AlgoWin
205  ///\param tabname the newly selected tab in the \ref AlgoWin
206  virtual void updateAlgoWinMaps(AlgoWin * aw, std::string tabname);
208  ///Registrates the new graph-editor tool in hand.
210  ///The editor-tool in hand is global, it is the same for all tab
211  ///at the same time. Therefore the active tool has to be scored here (\ref active_tool).
212  ///This function is the callback function of the editor-tool buttons. It sets \ref active_tool
213  ///to the correct value.
214  ///\param tool the newly selected graph-editor tool (See all_include.h)
215  virtual void changeEditorialTool(int tool);
217  ///Pops up a \ref NewMapWin dialog after requested by a \ref MapWin
219  ///Each tab can pop-up a \ref MapWin. In \ref MapWin new tab can be created.
220  ///In this case \ref NoteBookTab emits a signal. This function is connected to that signal.
221  ///It sends the caller \ref NoteBookTab and whether an edgemap or a nodemap should be created.
222  ///Caller \ref NoteBookTab is necessary for the window to be able to place the new map in its
223  ///correct place.
224  ///\param nbt the caller tab
225  ///\param itisedge true if edgemap has to be created, false if nodemap
226  virtual void createNewMapWinAfterSignal(NoteBookTab * nbt, bool itisedge);
228  ///Pops up a \ref NewMapWin dialog after requested by an \ref AlgoWin
230  ///\ref AlgoWin can also can request a \ref NewMapWin to pop-up.
231  ///It emits a signal in this case. This function is bound to that signal.
232  ///The signal contains the name of \ref NoteBookTab in which the new map has to be
233  ///placed and whether the new map is an edgemap or a nodemap.
234  ///\ref tabname the tab in which the new map has to be placed
235  ///\ref itisedge true if the new map will be edge map, false if it will be nodemap
236  virtual void createNewMapWinTabString(std::string tabname, bool itisedge);
238  ///Pops up a \ref NewMapWin dialog if button on \ref MainWin has been pressed.
240  ///In this case a general \ref NewMapWin will be popped up. This means that
241  ///both edge and nodemap can be created by it. The new map will be placed in
242  ///\MapStorage of the actual selected \ref NoteBookTab.
243  virtual void createNewMapWin();
245  //Notebook handlers
246  ///Callback for 'FileNewTab' action.
247  virtual void newTab();
249  ///Callback for 'FileCloseTab' action.
251  ///It closes the actual \ref NoteBookTab and registrates this event:
252  ///data is shifted to the correct places in vectors.
253  virtual void closeTab();
255  ///Tabswitching handler
257  ///Sets the variables that have to store the actual state, and it
258  ///updates the title of window to the actually selected \ref NoteBookTab.
259  virtual void onChangeTab(GtkNotebookPage*, guint);
261  virtual void nodeViewChanged();
263  virtual void reDesignGraph();
265  void createBackgroundChooser();
268#endif //MAIN_WIN_H
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