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3Library of Efficient Models and Optimization in Networks
5LEMON is the abbreviation of Library of Efficient Models
6and Optimization in Networks. It is an open source
7library written in C++. It provides a set of easy-to-use
8implementation of common data structures and algorithms
9in the area of optimization and helps implementing new
10ones. It is an especially suitable tool to solve the
11design and optimization problems of telecommunications
12networks. To achieve wide usability, a fundamental design
13requirement is the genericity of interface of data
14structures and algorithms. Lemon is intended to become an
15open source library in order to involve people all around
16the world in its development.
18The subdirectories 'autopackage', 'build-aux' and 'm4' are
19needed by installation. In subdirectory 'benchmark'
20programs can be found that observe the performance of LEMON.
21Subdirectory 'demo' contains some demonstration programs to
22make you easier to getting familiar with LEMON. Documentation
23of LEMON can be found in subdirectory 'doc'. Source code of
24LEMON is in subdirectory 'lemon'. Some useful scripts related
25to the usage of LEMON can be found in subdirectory 'scripts'.
26In subdirectory 'test' you can find some programs, proofing
27you the correctness of some implementations.
29See file COPYING for copying, distribution and modification
30conditions and terms.
32For general building and installation instructions, see the
33file INSTALL.
35Version number of the package is the highest one written in
36file NEWS.
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