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[430]1/// @defgroup datas Data Structures
2/// This group describes the several graph structures implemented in HugoLib.
4/// @defgroup graphs Graph Structures
5/// @ingroup datas
6/// This group describes the graph structures implemented in HugoLib.
8/// @defgroup auxdat Auxiliary Data Structures
9/// @ingroup datas
10/// This group describes the data structures implemented in HugoLib in
11/// order to make it easier to implement combinatorial algorithms.
13/// @defgroup gwrappers Wrapper Classes for Graphs
14/// @ingroup graphs
15/// This group contains several wrapper classes for graphs
17/// @defgroup galgs Graph Algorithms
18/// This group describes the several graph algorithms implemented in HugoLib.
20/// @defgroup misc Miscellaneous Tools
[424]21/// Here you can find several useful tools for development,
22/// debugging and testing.
[430]24/// @defgroup experimental Experimental Structures and Algorithms
[416]25/// This group contains some Experimental structures and algorithms.
[406]26/// The stuffs here are subject to change.
29/// \ingroup misc experimental
30namespace hugo { }
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