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[995]2\mainpage LEMON Documentation
[666]4\section intro Introduction
[921]6\subsection whatis What is LEMON
[921]8LEMON stands for
[926]9<b>L</b>ibrary of <b>E</b>fficient <b>M</b>odels
10and <b>O</b>ptimization in <b>N</b>etworks.
[670]11It is a C++ template
12library aimed at combinatorial optimization tasks which
[1170]13often involve in working
[991]14with graphs.
[995]17LEMON is an <a class="el" href="">open&nbsp;source</a>
[1003]19You are free to use it in your commercial or
20non-commercial applications under very permissive
[991]21\ref license "license terms".
[1169]24\subsection howtoread How to read the documentation
[1169]26If you want to get a quick start and see the most important features then
27take a look at our \ref quicktour
28"Quick Tour to LEMON" which will guide you along.
[1173]30If you already feel like using our library, see the page that tells you
31\ref getstart "How to start using LEMON".
[1169]33If you
34want to see how LEMON works, see
[1170]35some \ref demoprograms "demo programs"!
[2141]37If you know what you are looking for then try to find it under the
38<a class="el" href="modules.html">Modules</a>
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