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[666]4\section intro Introduction
[921]6\subsection whatis What is LEMON
[921]8LEMON stands for
[926]9<b>L</b>ibrary of <b>E</b>fficient <b>M</b>odels
10and <b>O</b>ptimization in <b>N</b>etworks.
[670]11It is a C++ template
12library aimed at combinatorial optimization tasks which
13often involve in working
[991]14with graphs.
17LEMON is an <a href="">open source</a> project.
18You are free to use it in your commertial or
19non-commertial applications under very permissive
20\ref license "license terms".
23\subsection howtoread How to read this document
[921]25Graph structures play central role in LEMON, so if you are new to it,
[678]26you probably should start \ref graphs "here".
27You can also find this page along with others under
[926]28<a href="pages.html"> Related Pages </a>.
[926]30If you are
31interested about data structures and algorithms in more details, then
[670]32you should browse the reference manual part of the documentation.
[678]33Section <a href="modules.html"> Modules </a>
34 is a good starting point for this.
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