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2\page Tutorial LEMON Tutorial
4<H2>Table of Contents</H2>
6<OL style="padding-bottom: 60px">
7  <LI>\ref intro
8  <LI>\ref getting_started
9  <UL>
10    <LI>\ref hello_world
11    <LI>\ref compile_hw
12  </UL>
13  <LI>\ref basic_concepts
14  <UL>
15    <LI>\ref basic_ListGraph
16    <LI>\ref maps1
17  </UL>
18  <LI><A href="#file">Lemon Graph File Format</A>
19  <LI>\ref algorithms
20  <UL>
21    <LI><A href="#bfs_dfs">Bfs/Dfs</A>
22    <LI><A href="#dijkstra">Dijkstra</A>
23    <LI><A href="#kruskal">Kruskal</A>
24  </UL>
25  <LI>\ref maps2
26  <UL>
27    <LI>\ref custom_maps
28    <LI><A href="#map_adaptors">Map Adaptors</A>
29    <LI><A href="#special_maps">Special Purpose Maps</a>
30  </UL>
31  <LI><A href="#show">Show a graph</A>
32  <LI><A href="#misc">Miscellaneous Tool</A>
33  <UL>
34    <LI><A href="#lp">LP solver</A>
35    <LI><A href="#simann">Simulated Annealing</A>
36  </UL>
39\section intro Introduction
40In this tutorial we try to show you as many aspects of LEMON as possible. From
41the basics to the very advanced or highly optimized tools. The given examples
42are all available in \c demo directory, so feel free to look at them after the
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