COIN-OR::LEMON - Graph Library

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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
icons 669:29f9b88db7c2   17 years beckerjc New nice icons.
images 1907:9f9eeb4d5c69   15 years Alpar Juttner MALE and FEMALE node shape added.
license.dox 58 bytes 1631:e15162d8eca1   16 years Alpar Juttner Fixed most (but not all) of Doxygen warnings
developers_interface.dox 98 bytes 1146:ebab0e5ec8b2   16 years Alpar Juttner Doc improvements.
ugraphs.dox 133 bytes 1922:1ee37068316b   15 years Akos Ladanyi Undir -> U transition
namespaces.dox 274 bytes 959:c80ef5912903   17 years Mihaly Barasz skeleton(s) -> concept renaming
template.h 666 bytes 1875:98698b69a902   15 years Alpar Juttner Happy new year to LEMON
dirs.dox 1.0 KB 1715:e71778873dd0   16 years Alpar Juttner Doc improvments
mainpage.dox 1.0 KB 1173:099978eee03f   16 years athos Modified a little: I know that it is not consistent and plan to … 1.3 KB 1909:2d806130e700   15 years Mihaly Barasz Undir -> U transition
coding_style.dox 2.1 KB 1788:614ce2dd3cba   16 years Balazs Dezso Some documentation modifications
graph-adaptors.dox 3.3 KB 1949:5db4ff8d69de   15 years Alpar Juttner Fight with Doxygen. Victory hasn't been reached yet, but it's on the …
maps.dox 3.8 KB 1788:614ce2dd3cba   16 years Balazs Dezso Some documentation modifications
named-param.dox 4.4 KB 1929:84d87d6024af   15 years Alpar Juttner Better doc.
graph_orientation.dox 4.9 KB 1953:d4f411003580   15 years Alpar Juttner Polish the doc.
graphs.dox 5.9 KB 1638:4e50ed042394   16 years Akos Ladanyi less stupid title
groups.dox 6.0 KB 1914:7ef30a71937f   15 years Balazs Dezso Doc bug fix
getstart.dox 8.8 KB 1713:49d22d34d95f   16 years Alpar Juttner Doc improvments
quicktour.dox 9.4 KB 1640:9c7834ac5e64   16 years Alpar Juttner - Better insertion of sources examples - Superfluous #include removed …
graph_io.dox 14.6 KB 1959:264811b995f3   15 years Alpar Juttner Spellcheck 49.5 KB 1660:93792a112fd5   16 years Alpar Juttner - Doc images partly turned on again.
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